Kiegoo can supply 9pins 10G cooled TOSA Package for telecommunication, high power DBR lasers etc.

HTCC ceramic TOSA hermetic packae has high reliability and meet the requirements of high speed data transmission. Hermetically Sealed package can protect the components from harsh environments.

Material: Kovar, Tungsten-Copper
Pins: 42 Alloy
Plating: Ni 2.5μm MIN, Au 1.3μm
Window: Sapphire with AR coated
Hermeticity: <1 x 10E-9 atm cc/s(He)
Insulation Resistance: >1 x 10E10 Ω at 100V DC
Standard: MIL-STD-883

12pins 25G cooled TOSA package and other style are also available.


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