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Hermetic Packages for RF & Microwave Components

microwave package

Kiegoo provides various hermetic packages with high frequency pins and connector for RF and microwave devices with low thermal resistance heat sink materials. It's suitable for coaxial transmitter and receiver subassembly, RF & Microwave power modules etc.

Generally, microwave components are a low power device, and the main material for microwave packages is Kovar. But if it's a high power amplifier, we can also manufacture the Tungsten-Copper/WCu alloy brazed as a baseplate to dispatch heat so that the whole device can have a more stable performance.

hermetic package

Working Frequency: DC to 40GHZ

VSWR: <1.25

Ampedance: 50 Ohm

Material: Kovar, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Oxygen-free Copper, Tungsten Copper, AlSiC

Surface Treatment: Electroless or Electrolytic Ni, and Au plated

Plating Performance: No blisters on Au(in air) at 400° for 3min at least


Insulation Resistors: 
≥1×1010Ω  at 500V DC

Standard: MIL-STD-883

hermetic microwave package

Hermetic Microwave Packages have reliable and stable performance for Aerospace and Military application, Kiegoo's packages can pass the critical test conditions. For details, please contact us.


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