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    Hermetic Hybrid IC Packages


Hermetic Hybrid Integrated Circuits Packages

Kiegoo provides glass-to-metal seal hermetic package housing for hybrid integrated circuits with high reliability. It's suitable for power modules, sensors, multi-chip module, power amplifier, wave-filters, pulse width modulators, converters and other components. It's applied to defense, aerospace, medical, microwave electronics etc.

hybrid packages

hermetically sealed packages for power hybrid circuits, IC chips, hermetic sealing hybrid IC
Material: KOVAR, Cold Rolled Steel, Oxygen-free Copper, Tungsten Copper, AlSiC

Current: 100A Max

Voltage: DC 3000V Max

Surface Treatment: Plating Ni, Au


Insulation Resistors: 
≥1×1010Ω  at 500V DC

Standard: MIL-STD-883

Salt Spray Proof: 24h at least

hermetic hybrid package

DIL/DIP Package, Flatpack, Platform packages and other customized hybrid packages are available.


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