HHL Package

The HHL(High Heat Load) package is one of the largest industry standard package available. The HHL package is common for applications with a large heat load (2W and higher optical power). High-power CW lasers in HHL packages are common in medical applications, welding and marking equipment, and pumping sources for solid state lasers.

It's a hermetically sealed package for fiber-coupled high power laser module, thick pins can take heavy electrical current and the package can solder a window on the lid as requested.

Material: Tungsten-Copper, oxygen-free copper
Pins: 42 Alloy
Plating: Ni 2.5μm MIN, Au 1.3μm
Window: Sapphire with AR coated
Hermeticity: <1 x 10E-9 atm cc/s(He)
Insulation Resistance: >1 x 10E10 Ω at 100V DC
Standard: MIL-STD-883

HHL Package

Glass to metal seal and ceramic to metal seal both can be manufactured.


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