• 14 pin butterfly package
    • 14 pin butterfly package
    • glass to metal package
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  • 14 pin butterfly package Model:FOF2113-14
    14-pins glass to metal sealing butterfly package housing


14 Pins Glass to metal hermetically sealed butterfly package

Glass to metal seals technic means sintering the glass with metal and forming a electrical connector feedthrough the metal wall of hermetically sealed packages. Generally, the material of frame/wall is Kovar which has a similar thermal expansion coefficients with sealing borosilicate glass to have a good match for heat dissipation in hermetic butterfly packages.

14 pins butterfly package

Package Materials:

Base Material W85CU15 / Kovar
Frame Kovar
Pipe Kovar
Lead Kovar
Hermetic sealing Glass-to-Metal
Brazing Ag/Cu alloy

hermetic butterfly package
Technical Parameters:
Hermeticity: ≤1×10-3Pa.cm3/s(He)
Insulation Resistance: ≥1×1010Ω  at 100V DC
Plating: Electroless or Electrolytic Ni >2.5μm, Electrolytic Au>1.3μm
Plating Quality: No blisters on Au after 3 min(in air) at 400℃
Standard: MIL-STD-883, Telecordia
RF connector and optical window for hermetic packages available
DIP Package


suitable for packaging Pump Diode Laser Module, Photodiode, Fiber Optic Module, Telecommunication, Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, SOA module, Opto-electronic components, microelectronic components etc.


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