• AIN substrate
  • AIN Thin Film Metallization Submount Model:ALN
    AIN Thin Film Metallization Submount/AIN Metallized Carrier/AIN metallized substrates

Aluminium Nitride(AIN) ceramic is an ideal substrate and package material with high thermal conductivity and can be widely used for laser diode submount, high power optoelectronic components, microwave power devices, Integrated circuit , multichip modules MCM, etc.
It has superior thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation, and similar thermal expansion coefficient with silicon-Si.

AIN Metallized Thin Film Data:
Square resistance: <5 mΩ/SQ
Adhesion strength: >2.5 kgf/mm2
Weldability(coated with AuSn solder): Excellent
Max. wafer size: 50mm×50mm
Min. line width: 20µm/20µm
Thin Film Metal: Ti-Pt-Au, Ti-Ni-Au etc
AIN Substrate Data:
Thermal conductivity: >170 W/M.K
Linear expansion coefficient: 4.4×10-6/℃
Density: 3.26g/cm3
Volume resistivity: >1014Ω.cm
Dielectric constant: 8.6
Dielectric loss tanδ: 
Breakdown voltage: >15kV/mm
Folding strength: 32kgf/mm2
Surface roughness: 0.2-0.63µm
Warpage: 16.5µm /50mm
Wafer size: 160mm×90mm

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