• AlSiC baseplate
    • AlSiC baseplate
    • AlSiC baseplate
    • AlSi Package
    • AlSiC baseplate
  • AlSiC baseplate/AlSi Package Model:AlSiC/AlSi
    AlSiC baseplate/AlSi package


AlSiC IGBT baseplate

Super light weight metal metrix composite material, low CTE and good thermal conductivity, these features make AlSiC and AlSi excellent performance for aerospace and new energy application.

Density: 2.95-3.05 g/cm3

Thermal Conductivity: >180W/m.K(at room temperature)

CTE: 6-9 ppm/(25-150)

Bending Strength: 400 MPa

Air Tightness: <5x10E-9

Electrical Resist: 21 μΩ.cm

Dome shape of baseplate available for power modules. Curvature of dome side can be customized.

Plating: Ni/Au

AlSi Package

Light weight which is very suitable for aerospace application


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