Engaged in research and development of new materials, cooperated with domestic scientific research institute, Zheng Zhou Kiegoo Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer and supplier of hermetic packages, butterfly packages, HTCC ceramic packages, fiber optic packagesAlSiC/AlSi packages etc for optoelectronics and microelectronics. Our products were mainly exported to European and American market. 
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► 14 Pins Butterfly Package Housing

Glass-to-Metal seals package and Ceramic-to-Metal seals package with good hermeticity and reliability, it was widely used in fiber-optic module, pump laser diode module, butterfly type diode laser  and other devices required for hermetically sealed packaging. 

► HTCC HiRel ceramic packages

Hermetic Ceramic packages were used for HiRel power devices.

► Hermetically sealed Package Housing

Customized hermetic packaging housing with RF connector for hybrid integrated circuits packaging, power packaging, RF/microwave packaging, optoelectronic and microelectronic packaging etc.

► DBC substrate

Centortherm DBC having excellent thermal properties, high insulation resistance, a large current carrying capacity, excellent solder resistance and high adhesion strength. It's mainly used in power electronics, high power modules and aerospace.

► AlSiC baseplate, AlSi Pacakges

Super light weight metal metrix composite material, low CTE and good thermal conductivity, these features make AlSiC and AlSi excellent performance for aerospace and new energy application.

► Magneto-Optical Glass MOE-1

It's the terbium doped borosilicate glass with high Verdet constant -0.313 min/Oe. cm at 632.8nm and mainly used in Faraday Rotators and Faraday Optical Isolators

► Metallization

Metallized Molybdenum, Mo-Cu, Aluminum Nitride, Tungsten-Copper Alloy, AlSIC components as substrate and heatsink for semiconductor

We KIEGOO insist on superior products and guarantee the quality all the times.


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